Business/Commercial Sale

At 1 Ace Realty Qld, we believe in providing our customers with choices therefore, we cater to everyone's need!  As a result, we have decided to offer our Business and Commercial sales services in a traditional manner (for a fixed fee of 5 % payable at settlement), as well as, in an innovative manner (where the customer can save thousands of dollars and pay zero commission simply by paying upfront).


If you select to sell your business through the innovation option, you may choose to sell your business with our guidance or simply engage the services of one of our business agents to carry out the entire process on your behalf from start to finish.


Depending on the Package Selected You will Receive:


Business Description

Whether your business is small or large, our copywriters will spend time understanding your business through a series of questions in order to present the sale of your business in the best possible way.


Social Media Exposure

Be promoted on social media ( Facebook).  We have extensive knowledge in using social media for advertising and can help you sell your asset.


6 x 4 Photo Sign Board

We will design and organize a superb Photo Sign Board to be installed at the front of your business premises.


Listing on Various Portals

In order to help maximize exposure for your listing, your business will be listed on the following national portals below:


The following are also offered for businesses:



The following are also offered for commercial properties:



Automatic Buyer Matching

Should you wish to sell your own property,  we use advanced ‘buyer matching’ technology that ensures you are automatically notified of all new buyers entering the market that are looking for properties like yours. We have developed a cutting-edge technology that allows potential buyers to save their property search criteria and then automatically match our buyers and sellers. 


Make it Work with up to 20 Photos

There is a reason for the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So we give you the benefit of saying it with up to 20 pictures.  Let the photos do the work for you. We highly recommend using professional photography to make the maximum impact with your listing. 


Buyer Enquiry Alerts

Inquiry handling is one of the most important aspects in the entire sale process.  Should you wish to sell your own business, we have developed our own Automated Enquiry Handling System to ensure that all your online inquiries from various real estate websites are passed on to you in real time without any interaction from us. This is an automated process that runs in the background and it has been extensively tested to ensure no inquiries are missed. 


Campaign reports

We understand that keeping on top of your marketing campaign is very important, so we will provide you with Stats on a weekly basis which will show you daily and monthly visits of your advertisements.